Providing a "hand-up, not a hand-out"

Give Supplies

Strive2Thrive serves a minimum of twenty-four (24 ) meals per year and we are in need of paper plates, cups, napkins, forks and spoons for our weekly meeting meals.  Additionally, we serve our youth for a minimum of (twenty-four) 24 sessions per year and we need small incentive rewards such as coloring books, crayons, achievement ribbons, motivational bracelets and other items to recognize the success and participation of our youth.

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Donate to Strive 2 Thrive

Volunteer to financially help Strive2Thrive with a contribution. There are several ways to contribute. You can make a contribution on line by clicking here. If you would like to support a family for one year in Strive2Thrive, you can pledge $100 on a monthly basis. Or, if you would like to help support a child in Strive2Thrive, you can pledge $50 per month. These are just suggested guidelines as you can set up any amount you would like. Our goal is to get 50 donors to support a family and 75 to support a child this year.
Will you help us eradicate poverty in Dougherty County?

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